While I pondered weak and weary

over many a volume of forgotten lore

Loren Rhoads
22 October
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I grew up on a small family farm in Michigan, met my husband and muse at UM, and we moved to San Francisco in 1988. The first show we saw in the city was on 8/8/88 -- a ritual by the Church of Satan at one of the theaters on Market Street. We worked for Re/Search during the release of Modern Primitives, which inspired us to create Automatism Press, home of the book Death's Garden: Relationships with Cemeteries and Morbid Curiosity magazine (http://www.charnel.com/morbidcuriosity).

MORBID CURIOSITY CURES THE BLUES: True Stories of the Unsavory, Unwise, Unorthodox and Unusual from the magazine "Morbid Curiosity" will be out from Scribner in October 2009. The book pulls together 40 of my favorite essays, along with sidebars and illustrations taken from the magazine. It will be a thing of beauty.

In terms of my own writing, I have four stories in the book SINS OF THE SIRENS, alongside Maria Alexander, Christa Faust, and Mehitobel Wilson. (A review is here: http://macabreink.com/reviews-interviews/2007-2008-reading-list/sins-of-the-sirens ). I've had stories in Cemetery Dance, City Slab, and in a whole long list of smaller magazines. Someday I'll count how many things I've actually had in print, just for the sake of amusement. On the nonfiction front, I wrote about visiting cemeteries for Gothic.Net for four years. My travel writing has appeared in two Travelers' Tales books (Paris and San Francisco), Trips magazine, and Pills, Thrills, Chills, and Heartache: Adventures in the First Person, edited by Clint Catalyst and Michelle Tea.

So many stories, so little time...